Frequently Asked


We start measuring on day one. Every day, the foundation monitoring system becomes more intelligent about your home’s behavior. If your home is moving beyond standard guidelines, you will be notified of a possible issue.

Slabsure is installed by select local resellers.

Anytime is a great time to get started, but we recommend doing so when the environment is safe.

YES, we can always help you. Your local reseller is a seasoned foundation repair expert. Slabsure can give you that continued peace of mind after repairs are complete.

The status on your app will change from green to yellow if an issue needs to be addressed. In addition to the app, we will notify you by email or text and you can even login to your account for updates. Your reseller is there to assist with any issues. 

No problem! Your reseller can customize Slabsure for virtually any foundation of any size and shape.

Yes, Slabsure can monitor as many homes as you own, no matter where they are located.

Click "Find a Reseller" here or call 1-833-SLABSURE.