slabsure is available worldwide, exclusively through our reseller network.

Reasons to become a slabsure reseller

Extra Revenue

With slabsure monitoring solutions, you have an additional product to help your valued customer.


Stay connected with your customers! Slabsure data can be reviewed together periodically as a continued service model.

Valued Data

With slabsure's valuable data, we will be able to help you pinpoint issues when they arise for your customer.

Expand Client Base

Every past, present, or potential customer in your database is a candidate for a foundation monitoring system.


With accurate location & early detection of potential issues, you will be able to diagnose your customer's issue with ease.

Higher Close Rate

WIN a higher percentage of your bids with this state of the art technology differentiator!

Lead the Industry

Represent this one of a kind technology that will disrupt the industry!

Why home and property owners choose slabsure resellers:

  • Complete foundation solution
  • Protect their key investment
  • Avoid major expenses & stressful repairs with early intervention
  • Works on virtually any building
  • Simple one-stop solution
  • Clear foundation status indicator
  • State of the art technology
  • Competitve resale advantage