Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! The manual is available online to all registered clients and should be shared with your provider.

It could be installed by the homeowner, but we recommend a local electrician or foundation company. This can typically be done within just a few hours for most homes.

We start measuring on day one.  Every day, the foundation monitoring system becomes more intelligent about your home’s behavior.  If your home is moving beyond standard guidelines, you will be notified of a possible issue.

Anytime is a great time to get started, but we recommend doing so when the environment is safe.

YES, we can always help you.  The beauty of slabsure is that we can analyze data from any specific time period of concern and provide feedback.

The status on your app will change from green to yellow if an issue needs to be addressed. In addition to the app, we will notify you by email or text and you can even login to your account for updates.

No problem! Holding the tube upwards so that the (non-toxic) fluid does not leak out, cut the tube and place the cap on the new end. The cap is included in your kit.

Once you meet your 3 year commitment you are free to cancel at anytime.  We do, however, encourage monitoring for the life of the home/building to avoid costly repairs and maintain peace of mind.