Frequently Asked Questions

Common foundation problems
are irreversible and caused by trees and drainage, but plumbing problems can lead to rapid and irreversible problems too. 
Slabsure is designed to help you maintain your property and thus avoid these issues with early intervention. Would you prefer to prevent a foundation issue?

Just the cost of the foundation repair is an average of around $20k in the US.  Fixing the walls, doors, flooring, paint, is extra.  So, the costs vary greatly.  If the cause is plumbing, then the cost climbs even more.  However, the real cost is in the value of the home.  Would you
like to avoid these unexpected bills?

Certain risk factors can increase your chances.  These include expansive clays that cover around 50% of the US homes.  Trees or large shrubs add to the risk.  If you aren’t inspecting for gutter, drainage, sprinkler issues regularly, you may be missing issues.  Homes that are older than 15 years may have age related concerns that add risk too. Some factors decrease your risk, like a pier and beam foundation with proper footings. The best way to reduce risk is to find problems earlier.  Can we get that started for you?

Yes, we ship all over the world. Shipping costs will apply, and will be added at checkout. We run discounts and promotions all year, so stay tuned for exclusive deals.

It depends on where you are. Orders processed here will take 5-7 business days to arrive. Overseas deliveries can take anywhere from 7-16 days. Delivery details will be provided in your confirmation email.

You can contact us through our contact page! We will be happy to assist you.

To make it simple, with an easy installation, you are putting a
belt around your foundation slightly under the ground that has sensors every 10 feet. As your house moves up or down, which is normal, our sensors will see the movement.If our sensors start to see problematic movement then we will notify you where the issue is.This allows you to solve the problem very inexpensively because you will know about it before it becomes a serious matter. You will truly have a smart home and peace of mind.

Slabsure is a monitoring device, that's wrapped around your home’s foundation.  Because you’re getting a perimeter foundation inspection every hour and because we collect data over time, you can see if a flood or broken sprinkler caused any damage even if you’re not home.  That’s peace of mind.

SlabSure is basically a check engine light for your house.  When you take your car to the mechanic, they look and your car’s data too.  What might be a very minor repair, very minor in cost, prevented a very dangerous situation for you.  We are that same concept for your home. We're going to monitor your Foundation movement.  When there's something that's not just right, we're going to give you a warning depending on how your profile is set up. Then you can then have an inspector, or your home builder come check out the section of the home that had an issue.

The manual is available online to all
registered clients and should be shared with your installer.

You can install this if you're handy.
But if you'd rather not worry about that, it's a very simple installation
process. Typically, a local electrician in your community would be more than able to do this, within a few hours.

Hourly rates for electricians vary by city but are typically about $120 an hr.It usually takes just 3-4 hours to handle the installation for an electrician (or homeowner) with a helper.

Our pricing is a flat $65 per month
for most homes.  No upfront costs.  We want nothing to stand between you and peace of mind.  After 3 years, this becomes a monthly obligation.  Although, we expect that you’ll stay with it once you’ve seen the benefits.

Monthly billing or you can prepay. Billing begins 30 days after shipping

We start measuring on day one.  Every day, Slabsure becomes more intelligent about your home’s behavior.  If your home is moving beyond standard guidelines, you will be notified of a possible issue.

The Slabsure kit comes with
the computer in the box for readings and cellular signal, and a blue tube with sensors that already have the sensors in the tube. Your local electrician installer/will need to buy

No, it will not damage your
foundation, if installed properly.  It is
much less invasive than any kind of foundation repair could ever hope to be.

The system is designed to be easy to install for any electrician.  The
electricians are usually very price competitive.  The state of Texas requires that all electrical work is completed by certified electricians.  If you can provide me your zipcode, I will look up a few licensed electricians in your area to provide you. GO TO WEBSITE BELOW, SEARCH BY ZIPCODE, PROVIDE 2 TO 3 OPTIONS FOR CALLER. A listing of these is availab le at Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation,

If the goal is to save money, ultimately, that's what SlabSure is going to do, right? You're going to spend less money on Foundation maintenance, than you will on Foundation repair, right?  So, although today, there's nobody's offering foundation insurance at all, the best way to save money is to not spend money and that's by having Slabsure monitor your foundation.

Local codes will vary, but generally, there is no permit required as no new breaker is required and this is a low voltage application.

We will notify you by email or text.You can also check by logging into the website.The status will change from green to yellow.Internal to the company, all foundations with a yellow status take priority and we will initiate an internal review of the foundation data as well.

Anytime is a great time to get
started but we recommend doing so when the environment is safe.  We see a lot more inquiries for our system after major weather events and recommend that installations be completed a few months in advance.

Once you meet your 3 year commitment you are free to cancel at anytime. 

If within 3 years your Slabsure
system is not functioning properly, we will repair or replace free of charge.

The equipment is not normally transferrable to a new home as it will not function elsewhere.  Most of our clients use Slabsure as a competitive advantage when selling their home, as the prospective buyer will KNOW the foundation of the house is solid if you share your historical data with them.  Have the new owners contact us to continue to monitor the foundation.

NO, all are data is backed up to an offsite server every hour. It is hurricane proof.  Of course, there does need to be a power supply for the computer to operate.

In our 5 years of crunching foundation data we found the best answer is the simplest answer and that is to provide an overall summary and not hundreds of thousands of data points.

YES, we can always help you.  The beauty of Slabsure is that we can analyze data from any specific time period of concern and provide feedback.

It is a 3-year minimum commitment, however, once you hit your 3-year minimum, you can then go month to month. Does that sound good to you?

Clays are a big risk contributor.  If the water in the rivers in your area are typically brown, that can mean expansive clays.  We can have one of our experts dig a little deeper.  Would you like to set up a call?